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Most biologists agree they’ve been triggered by human activity, George Burgess told the BBC: “What you have here are rational attempts by a predator to find food,” said Mr Burgess, of the International Shark Attack File based in Florida.

He said the dumping of animal carcasses in the area by a cargo ship last month might have contributed to the attacks by attracting the sharks nearer to shore, but said the investigation was ongoing.

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He somehow found me on Fb and got my number and proceeded to try and blackmail me. After flash comes up and asks for and receives user permission to access my hardware, I click to find a random stranger, and my camera displays yellow and blue lines across its onscreen display box. So, just recently hearing about chatroulette on the Daily Show, I click and wahla no go . He said I had to send him €200 or he would send the video of me to my friends and family.Enter any Username below and we will search for that users stats.The sharks (now known to be individuals of at least two different species) attacked five times over six days, killing a German tourist and severely injuring four others.


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