Internet dating sites in cape town

Soon after, he started promising her extravagant gifts (Chanel, Tiffany jewellery, Louboutin heels), messaging: “I got you something nice” – sending a picture of a Rolex watch. Just before meeting he got called home for an emergency. But then he asks her to pay the customs tax for the gifts – it must be paid via EFT.

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I'm incredibly happy that I'm no longer in the dating game.” He said he’d send her the cash to pay the customs tax.Susan* Googled the courier company and decided to call them after seeing they're not South African-based. “This sounds kind of legit, yet when I called the airport they had no record of this company.The Cape Times reported that four online dating scam syndicate members, two Nigerian men and two local women, have been arrested by the Hawks on Wednesday morning.According to the paper, the suspects were charged with fraud for allegedly opening bank accounts with all the major banks and using those accounts to receive money from online dating victims.Dating South Africa offers dating services to meet the needs of singles seeking a dating site that delivers results.


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