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Megapolis is a city building game that involves creating your own virtual city by building residential houses, condos, and hotels, developing commercial and municipal infrastructure, engaging in industrial production, providing sufficient water and electricity, expanding your territory, and making your neighbors happy with gifts of building materials to assist them with construction projects.

In the early stages, players focus on designing and building their city.

The leaderboard score is what counts here, not the Clan stats score (which includes people who joined late).

These are separate as per our Operation thread: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/768548-operation-the-pacifism-defect/ Changes: CLAN PARTICIPATION TIER thresholds for the Ignis Wraith Blueprint have been reduced significantly.

It is now too late to donate for the bonus features in Sven Co-op 4.7, by the way. If you're planning to donate, you would be advised to do so immediately if you'd like to get your bonus features in Sven Co-op v4.7. STEAM_0:4567) with the donation, or send it by e-mail after donating.This Clan Operation has bits of the same - a unique mission, a call to action, a Wraith weapon… The Operation link will have all the information for you on what to expect - but for even further explanation: we're trying something different with rewards and the Competitive aspect.There are a multitude of Personal and Clan rewards - Cosmetics and The Ignis Wraith!In the more advanced stages, the social aspects of the game become more critical as players must obtain building materials from neighbors to complete quests and other construction projects.This user-created and -maintained website is NOT affiliated with or endorsed by Social Quantum. If you have done any configuration of Share Point search prior to SP2013 then you are likely familiar with search scopes.


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