Sterger dating

He admitted leaving suggestive voicemails on her phone, but denied sending explicit pictures of himself from the waist down.

She provided Mr Reese and her then-lawyer with copies of the texts, emails and photos because she was considering writing a book about the scandal, which broke last October.

The NFL has continued to put off its decision on the Favre-Sterger scandal.This is really prideful for me.”Decker discussed a multitude of topics with Millar and Rose, including his relationship with comedian Jennifer Sterger, his interactions with Will Ferrell in Spring Training during Funny or Die’s in Peoria, playing pranks in the minors with former Padre Jeff Francoeur and even some dating advice for any eligible bachelors out there:“Just be yourself…Jenn Sterger, here before her implant removal, had been working to shed her sexpot image when the scandal erupted over Brett Favre’s allegedly lewd advances to her, her ex-manager says.She decided to move to New York to pursue a career as an actress and model.PHOTOS: JENN STERGER She graced both Maxim and Playboy and began her stint as a “game-day hostess” for the Jets in 2008.He still presents himself as her manager despite having been fired over the affair, the New York Daily News reports.


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