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He then froze the warts and gave me some 'warticon' cream.A few months later the warts came back and I revisited the clinic and they were frozen once again, but this time I was given 'Aldara' cream to apply three times a week on the warts.

Hi all, I am desperately seeking peoples opinions on this please.

It can be very hard because when you really like someone this fear of rejection is multiplied by the fear of losing this person.

The good thing about this is that after you disclose you will know for sure your partner’s attitude as for your state and you, however difficult it may be, will be able to move on.

You should drink plenty of water during the outbreak. Loose cotton underwear (Cotton helps to absorb moisture and allows air to circulate) is best until the outbreak goes away. Application of ice on the sores can reduce pain and itching (maximum 15 minuntes). Take over-the-counter painkillers: paracetamol and ibuprofen.

Tip for women If you have the outbreak before or during your period, avoid salt because it causes water retention. Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes and nylon, or synthetic underwear. Medical studies show that taking zinc helps to reduce the intensity and duration of herpes outbreak. Tip Try to apply a little of Vaseline on the surface of the vagina while inserting tampons or using pads to avoid irritation. To prevent the outbreaks you need to boost your immune system.


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