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The company’s founder, Maria Avgitidis, said the “stupid rules” of New York’s singles scene – with men observing a strict three-day ban on making contact after a date, or dating multiple women simultaneously – meant women were more inclined to look elsewhere for romance.Another reason New York women may be eager for amore in Britain’s capital is that its men are more easy going, according to Susie Ambrose, of London-based agency Seventy Thirty.Looking back on those relationships, things would have gone a lot smoother if I had been aware of certain cultural differences.It is impossible and inaccurate to classify a richly diverse nation of people into a handful of stereotypical mannerisms; however my experiences have taught me that there seem to be certain fundamental differences that would have made my life easier if I would have understood them in advance.Common culture, a shared language, “stupid” dating rules and a shortage of single heterosexual men are fuelling a boom in the number of New York women looking for love across the pond, matchmakers have claimed.However Ny-Lon dating – with one partner based in London, the other in the Big Apple – is proving increasingly popular with picky professionals of both sexes, keen to skip the pitfalls of apps such as Tinder and standard dating sites in favour of more exclusive introduction services. Working towards a relationship where both partners reside on the same continent is prudent, but in the meantime you’re left trying to make a life in a new country, affection-deprived and swimming (one can only hope) in a sea of hot Americans with come-to-bed teeth.

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New York-based Agape Match, which charges ,000 (£11,000) for six introductions, showed a similar spike in the number of busy professionals, including many from the financial world, availing themselves of its services.It is a hard thing to imagine being in a long distance relationship with someone that you can’t even see face to face on a regular basis.I never understood how long distance couples were able to do it and I suppose somewhere in my mind I told myself that they couldn’t, that it wouldn’t work and would just end in disappointment.According to the Financial Times, some matchmakers have seen growth of almost 50 per cent in the number of affluent professionals in London looking to be introduced to New Yorkers, either at home or abroad, in the past year and the case is very much the same for those in New York too.But just why do these two cities seem to be so entwined when it comes to seeking a soulmate?Skyping will help ease the transition, but not being able to pop over for authentic person-to-person time could leave you both… And, alas, the transatlantic time difference might make mid-week face-time difficult or impossible: you’ll get home from work just as your UK-based other half is dozing off.


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