What will consolidating files in itunes do

This is where your i Tunes media files would be stored when you import files into i Tunes.

You could then click the "Change" button to set another directory.

Home Sharing does not transfer star ratings or playcounts for music.

Question 1: "Hi, I have some files that contain more music than others.

Home Sharing, available in i Tunes 9 and higher, allows i Tunes libraries on the same network to copy items back and forth.

In i Tunes 9 and later, content is stored in the i Tunes Media folder.i Tunes software may be used to reproduce materials.

Your i Tunes library is a database that i Tunes uses to organize your media.

It's made up of all of the music and other content that you add to i Tunes.

After this the easiest way would be delete your whole library, and relocate all files again.

Not every household needs more than one computer running i Tunes.


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