Why is my xm radio saying updating Free cams of granny

I tried rebooting with Master Reset, but it did not help.

So I called my Ford dealer and a helpful service guy advised me to temporarily disconnect the auxiliary battery. In the attached photo, the disconnect point is the one nut to the left, not the two nuts down below. Last week the radio screen said "Sirius update 0%" and nothing Entertainment related worked, including voice commands. That looks like the page I visited when renewing Sirius XM service.

But, with the system stuck, I have the same "stuck at 0% Sirius update" problem, and tried the signal refresh, but it did not work.

Downloading and updating the app is quick, easy and free.

There is a space in FRONT of the user name or password.

Please select the back button to go to the beginning of the user name and re-enter the user name without the space then select ‘END’ or "Enter" then re-enter the Password verifying there is not a space at the beginning of the Password and select ‘END’ or "Enter" .

Any obstructions, including trees, surrounding buildings, etc. A clear view of the sky is mandatory for receiving uninterrupted music radio.

If connecting to a power strip, make sure power strip is switched to the “on” position.

Try plugging the radio for business into another outlet in a different part of your office.

If using an antenna extension, make sure all connections between the antenna, inline amplifier, and coax cable are secure.

If all connections are secure, check the SMB adapters and make sure the little pin inside the male connector is not bent or missing.


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